About Yogi E-Liquid

Yogi was founded by a team of vapor industry innovators, way back in the days when average consumers were being introduced to the concept of vaping. As one of the longest running brands on the market, Yogi E-Liquid has persisted through the years thanks to our steadfast dedication to quality, flavor, and creativity.

When we began Yogi, we took a look around and realized that while there were countless options for anyone craving a sweet, in your face almost candy experience with their vape flavors, there was a vast proportion of vapors who wanted something more simple. We believe that there is something to be said about wholesome flavor that simply delivers a clean and tasty experience. The result is a lineup of flavors that are crisp, clean and always consistent. 

The Yogi dedication to quality is a cornerstone of how we operate. Every last flavor that we create has been expertly formulated to deliver as close to a perfect representation as possible. This means that when a new flavor releases from Yogi, you can expect it to be up to the same high standards as your favorite Yogi Blends.

When you think of Yogi, our aim is that you think of a brand that blazes it’s own path. We don’t just take the easy way out and seek to replicate famous candy flavors, drink flavors, or the like. Just like any good mixologist at your local bar, or successful chef in a fine restaurant, we believe that the best flavors come from originality! That’s why you’ll find blends and flavor profiles with Yogi that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Take one look at our range and we are sure you’ll agree. 

As a team, we couldn’t be more excited to have had the opportunity to work with stores, distribution companies and consumers across the world for nearly 10 years. We intend to keep providing the best service, the top rated flavors and the quality that you expect! Whether you are in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, or beyond, we can’t wait to introduce you to the world-class Yogi E-Liquids!